Monday, January 28, 2008


QuickCalc is a simple calculator apps designed with a philosophy of refined elegance. Simply type. QuickCalc calculates as you type, it couldn't be simpler. If you want to calculate several values or compare several calculations, simply resize QuickCalc vertically -- no need to open multiple calculators.

QuickCalc supports flexible syntax so you don't have to think about it. Just type 1,500 x 22,450 or 1500*22450 - whatever you type, QuickCalc will usually understand!

Advanced functions supported:

Besides the 4 basic math operators (+,-,/,*,^), QuickCalc supports powers, exponents, parenthesis as well as a number of math functions: ln(), abs(), cos(), sin(), tan(), cosh(), log2(), log10(), sinh(), tanh(), arccos(), arcsin(), arctan(). Also, you can use a few constants (pi, sum and prev.)
And Hexadecimal too! Just add a $ before any number and it will be read as a Hex value.
The result will also be displayed with a Hex value.

Some of QuickCalc's Special Features:
  • Calculates as you type, no unnecessary calculation steps.
  • Advanced Math functions, use functions manually or auto-insert from context menu.
  • Intelligent Hexadecimal support (resultant has hex if hex value in equation).
  • Multiple calculations at once, with Excel-like field linking (sum, prev).
  • Flexible: syntax accepts layman-numbers ("1,500 x 22,450" or "1500*22450").
  • Polite: Remembers last equations, size and position.
  • Full copy/paste of both equation and resultant.
  • Quick: ESC to exit and CTRL-N for new iteration.
  • Easily scale display font for entire application to taste.
  • Full support for all relevant keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation.
  • Complete and easy install/uninstall.
  • Fast and Simple integrated updating of application from the internet -- free.
  • Embedded HTML help with complete examples and screen shots.
  • Flash-style animated demonstration embedded in Help.
  • CRC-guard prevents file corruption problems.
  • Auto-share features zips app up and attaches to email.
  • No messy DLLS to install (no OCX, VBX, VB, MFC, Flash, IE etc).
  • No bulky runtime libraries required (no VB, JAVA etc).
  • Anti-viral mechanism prevents trojan infection (safe to pass around).
  • Compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows.
  • Best combination of ease and power of any Windows calculator.


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